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The 5 Realms

Newydar is not one world, but rather 5 different realms. Linked closely, these realms are easily accessible to each other by use of a simple magic, taught to all people of the realms. The realms are each perfect for the races that inhabit them, almost as if they were created to be so by the Overbeings themselves. The five realms are as follows:

The History of Newydar

Newydar is a rather new world, with the oldest documents and residents being approximately 200 years old. As such, there is little history to be kept. Although the elders of each realm may know more about the creation and past of Newydar, they do not speak of that subject matter, and will avoid the subject. If asked directly, they will simply deny any knowledge.

The Setting

Each of the realms is its own world, but the campaign as a whole shares many characteristics. These are addressed mostly to the players:

  1. I am looking for an epic fantasy game. As such, I would prefer a more serious mood.
  2. You are welcome to message me at any time if you have any questions or concerns.
  3. There will be one character in the campaign from each realm. Please inform the rest of the party which realm you will be from here.
  4. To assist myself in awarding treasure, please put any items, along with their corresponding levels, on this page.

Main Page

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